DoubleGate Swim & Tennis

Tennis Information

We have 6 beautiful courts and 4 pavilions with plenty of seating to provide relief on hot summer days and allow our ALTA / USTA and league tennis teams an area to set up food and beverages for team matches. We also have 3 pickleball courts. Grills are court side, so our tennis teams are often well fed! 
We have an active tennis and pickleball community with Men's, Women's, Mixed, Seniors and Junior ALTA and USTA teams along with many members playing individual competition leagues.  There are often multiple teams in each category so enough variety to find a level that fits any tennis player.  We have a number of active tennis instructors who teach lessons for all age groups either for the teams or for individual lessons. 

Email for information. 
We have restrooms on site that are available for tennis players and spectators.  They are located at the back of the pool building.  Entry is controlled by access cards that are issued to the Club members.  Access to the restrooms is allowed everyday from 6:00 am to 11:15 pm. Please make sure the doors are closed when you leave.
Members are provided identification wristbands for each family member residing in their home, and two (2) additional wristbands for their guests. It is the member's responsibility to safeguard your wristbands as they are required to use the facilities.  Wristbands must be worn at all times while on any of the Club’s facilities to identify members and their guests. If you see someone on Club property not wearing a valid wristband you have the right, as an owner of these facilities, to inquire if they are members and, if they are not, to ask them to leave. Also, you can contact any board member or the local authorities (Johns Creek Police Department) to inform them of any incidents.  New wristbands are issued at the beginning of each pool season.
DGST Tennis Rules & Regulations